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Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

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songs/c_b/Track 66-Chapter 12-Clearwater Blues.mp3
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Wabash Cannonball - Track 35-Chapter 5-Wabash Cannonball.mp3 Listen
Streets of London - Track 36-Chapter 5-Streets of London.mp3 Listen
Flop Eared Mule - Track 37-Chapter 6-Flop Eared Mule.mp3 Listen
Delia - Track 38-Chapter 6-Delia.mp3 Listen
When you and I were young Maggie - Track 39-Chapter 6-When you and I were young Maggie.wma Listen
Walk don't run - Track 40-Chapter 6-Walk dont run.mp3 Listen
Wildwood Flower - Track 48-Chapter 8-Wildwood Flower.mp3 Listen
Red Wing - Track 49-Chapter 8-Red Wing.mp3 Listen
Under the double eagle - Track 50-Chapter 8-Under The Double Eagle.mp3 Listen
Sailor's Hornpipe - Track 60-Chapter 10-Sailor\'s Hornpipe.mp3 Listen
Saint Anne's Reel - Track 61-Chapter 10-Saint Anne\'s Reel.mp3 Listen
Devil's Dream - Track 62-Chapter 10-Devil\'s Dream.mp3 Listen
Blues Accompaniment in E - Track 63-Chapter 11-Blues Accompaniment in E-Ex 49.mp3 Listen
Blues in A - Track 64-Chapter 11-Blues in A.mp3 Listen
Blues in G - Track 65-Chapter 11-Blues in G.mp3 Listen
Clearwater Blues-Clifford Cheam - Track 66-Chapter 12-Clearwater Blues.mp3 Listen
Blues for Stella-Clifford Cheam - Track 67-Chapter 12-Blues for Stella.mp3 Listen
Wilderness Blues-Clifford Cheam - Track 68-Chapter 12-Wilderness Blues.mp3 Listen
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